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Welcome!  This blog has really been two years in the making.  During the summer of 2015 I travelled to China with an organization known as SABEH (www.sabeh.org) for the first time.  What was originally meant to be a one time experience has grown substantially into a life altering event which has changed my 5 (or 10....or 15) year plan.  SABEH is an organization of experienced educators from the United States who travel to China for either three or four weeks during the summer.  The purpose of their visit is to build bridges, to make connections with our Chinese counterparts.  I have spent the summers of 2015 and 2016 working with both educators and high school students in Hangzhou, a wealthy suburb of Shanghai.  The relationships I have made and the experiences I have had are beyond anything I had ever experienced previously.  China has opened my eyes to the world!

My inspiration for creating a formal blog, and not just a personal blog for my family to follow, was my intentions for the future.  I was recently appointed to the board of directors for SABEH and plan on working internationally with educators to create a modern, research based, world of education for years to come.  I wanted a place to gather my thoughts as I travel along this journey and hope to share my experiences of improving but my educational practice as well as that of others.  This blog will also be used as a vessel for incorporating multicultural education in the classroom as I share my experiences of this about my second grade classroom.

This creative young man you see below is Sunday.  He has been an inspiration to me for years, which led to the inevitable decision of inviting him to stay with me to help ease some recent challenges in his life. I have never met anyone so resilient.  Born in a refugee camp in Thailand, his life has seen struggle after struggle and yet he continues to look toward the positive future ahead.  His curiosity about life, music, art, and the world is truly inspiring!

Now this adorable little guy is Woofgang.  He entered my life in 2014 and changed how I live.  He was rescued from a kill shelter and is never short of showing affection.  He spends his days chasing squirrels and performing circus tricks.  He is such a great companion!

In my opinion, teaching is one of the best professions because of summer break.  Not because we have 2 months off, but because we have two months to improve our professional practice.  Every year I spend my summer challenging my teaching abilities.  I plan on using this knowledge to build a future around teaching internationally.  Global education is the future of our planet and we need to be planning for it now.  Asia has been an area of interest to me for many years and will be my focus moving forward.

Below is a group photo of the refugees I worked with previously, helping them learn conversational English as well as American culture.

To be honest, I can't even remember when my passion for education began.  My mom taught first grade for much of the time I was growing up.  Her passion and love for the profession was always evident and I just knew I wanted to do the same.  I graduated from The University of Delaware's Professional Development School in 2011.  Unfortunately, this incredible teacher preparation program was dismantled since my graduation due to funding issues.  This program gave me teaching experience in kindergarten, second grade, and fifth grade.  Currently, I am working on my masters degree in literacy from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia....because teaching is an art!  

I hope you follow, not only my travels around the world, but also my travels through life and learning as I experience our wonderfully diverse planet.  Thanks for reading and I hope you return often!

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