Thursday, July 26, 2018

Sunny Days in Singapore

I can’t believe my time in Singapore is over. Last night I was sitting at the Gardens by the Bay waiting for the light and sound show to begin.

This seemed to be the perfect ending to my time in the country. .  I was surrounded by others who were just as enthralled by this magical city as I was over the past four days. 

In my short time here I have learned so much about the city I had previously only heard about. First of all, I was shocked at how westernized the city presents itself. It was the perfect reprieve after visiting China and before going to Burma. I was able to go to Starbucks daily, and choose from one of THREE on the same block as my hotel. I was able to eat amazing western influenced food (eggplant parmigiana and pizza 🤗.) I was even able to speak to everyone I met since English is the national language. This city brought the perfect mix of the east and the west, although it had much more of a western feel than any other Asian city I have visited. 

I had spectacular experiences while here as well. My first night in the country I visited the famed Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo. The experience was so unique. It is a (mostly) free range zoo that contains only nocturnal animals. I arrived to the zoo at 10pm since, unlike other zoos, this one is only open at night so you can experinice the night dwelling animals in all their glory. Besides seeing a lot of animals I had never before seen, I really got some amazing views of the animals up close...including a powerful lion that was roaring only a few feet from my face! Best of all, the mission of the zoo truly is conservancy. Many of the animals they take are on the endangered species list. Their zoologists work to breed the animals in hopes of building up the population to prevent extinction.   My favorite animal was probably the tapir.  They are native to the Malaysian peninsula, so local, but they were also so tame. They came right up to our team cars!

The photos I took really did not come out well since it was all in the dark, but these few are worth seeing

My next day in Singapore was spent around the Sands resort, which sounds lame, but it really is a remarkable part of the city.  A truly ultra-modern oasis.  I started at this amazing ArtScience museum, which is centered around the idea that art and science are inter-related and require each other in order to exist.  The first exhibit I went to ended up being for young kids, but I still loved it!  If only I could pick up the museum and move it to Philly -- it would be the perfect exhibit for my second graders.  It was all about how our communities are integrated and how communication and cooperation are essential to human survival.  It was all presented to the kids through a digital interactive experience.  It was truly awesome for kids.  At one point, they were able to draw something new to add to the city (a building, car, plane, etc..) and then scan their image into the digital town.  I was very impressed.

After this exhibit, I went to one on MARVEL Studios, which was, as expected, super cool.  Not only did they have fantastic artifacts from the movies and great photo opportunities, they also taught about the science behind the super powers along the way.  What an amazing way to learn science!  This museum was a perfect creative blend of science and art.

After enjoying an amazing superhero exhibit, I switched superhero sides and went to a DC comic cafe!  I had a ridiculous batman themed lunch, but geeked out through every second of the meal.

I loved my time in Singapore.  I could have spent several more days in the city, but I do feel like I am leaving having a much better idea of the historical importance of the city as well as a general idea of the current culture.  I hope to come back one day and explore some more.  For now enjoy this clip of the Gardens by the Bay light show!

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