Sunday, May 20, 2018

Summer Travels 2018

I am thrilled to be back on my blog as it means my summer travels will begin soon.  This summer is sure to be a memorable one.  I will be leading a group of educators to a new SABEH site on the island city of Zhoushan.  This school is from the same corporation as the school in which I taught in Hangzhou, so I am excited to be working with some familiar faces in China again this summer.

I will only be at the school for a week this summer, which is shorter than previous years, but a welcome change as it allows me to return home with time to organize before school begins.

Upon leaving China, I will be making a short five day visit to Singapore.  This itinerary is still open, but my flight and hotel are booked so planning will begin soon!  I definitely am looking forward to visiting this small country and will most certainly have to restrain myself from asking locals about their knowledge and interpretation of Singapore Math's bar modeling strategies 😆

Singapore skyline

Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

After my short stint in Singapore, I will be off to Myanmar(Burma), which I will almost always refer to as Burma on my blog.  Democracies around the world refuse to call the country by the military created name - Myanmar.

Yangon, the capital city of Burma

I will be spending about two and a half weeks in Burma.  This is truly a location I cannot wait to visit.  Burma, and the people from Burma are the reason I am so interested in travel and cultures around the world, and particularly in Asia.  While much of the country is currently in a state of unrest, the cities I will be visiting are deemed safe for tourists.  Be prepared for some history lessons about this beautiful Southeast Asian country as I make my way through some of its most popular destinations this summer.

Temples of Bagan

Upon leaving Burma, I have a 20 hour layover in Hong Kong.  I got a hotel room for the long stay but wanted an experience as well.  20 hours is a long time.  Fortunately, Hong Kong Disneyland is right near the airport so I will be ending my stay in Asia with some magical memories from one of Disney's smallest parks.

Just typing this has me excited about the summer to come.  I leave July 5th early in the morning, so be on the lookout for blogs from that point on.  Until then, you can take a close look at my planned journey on the Google Map below!