Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hoi An: Old City

Its sad to say that my days in Vietnam are limited. Tomorrow my sights will be set on Cambodia. 

I learned last year through my experience of watching Lost in Translation while in Japan, how much more personal movies can be when watched where they were filmed. I decided this year to take some time and watch Good Morning Vietnam and did just that. Besides leaving me feeling betrayed by one of the film’s characters, the number of connections I made throughout the movie was staggering. It gives such a good representation of the culture and people I have been living among for the past week and a half. 

Although my time here is limited it will not be waged. I have a very busy couple days planned. Currently I’m on a bus on my way to the Mekong Delta to experience some more rural Vietnamese life. 

The past few days have been a whirlwind. We spent some time in the city of Hoi An which, apart from being a little overly touristy, was a beautiful experience. 

The city was quite small, but then within the larger city was a designated historical area which was filled with specialty shops, most of which had to do with tailor made clothes. In my attempt to support the locals and improve my wardrobe I had a fantastic school outfit made from scratch. Looking forward to wearing me new digs 😄. 

Also while in this city I was able to participate in a cooking class to learn how to cook several Vietnamese dishes!  It was a fun and interesting experience. I was a little put off at first when I had to slice open a fish, but I pulled through!

The food turned out quite good despite our lack of experience. The chef we worked with used lots of spices that just forced everything to have a great taste. My favorite was the veggie spring rolls, even if he had to refill most of them because our amateur skills weren’t cutting it 😆

Hoi An was a great, although quick, experience. Lots of lasting memories came from those two days. 

Stay tuned for another blog post to be coming shortly. Tester I visited the War Remnants Museum and have a lot to share but thought it needed a post of its own. 

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