Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Protesting Civil Rights in China

I am not sure why, but Blogger continues to delete my posts.  This is a repost of the one from earlier since it was deleted.  Happy reading!

Unfortunately I am writing this post on my second to last day of teaching in Fuzhou.  What a whirlwind it has been!  China is such a unique place with amazing people.  Getting to know the teachers and assistants provides an experience unlike anything else.  The connections that are formed between us go quite deep as we are all working toward the same goal of improving instruction to make our students stronger!

Today I taught the teachers in my classes about reader's theater.  We talked about the benefits of acting out written scripts and then I had them perform mini plays about famous people from the civil rights movement in the US.  They only had about an hour to prepare their skits and some of the creativity they showed was remarkable.  They had all kinds of props to make it more realistic and used great expression while acting, which is WAY outside the comfort zone of most of the teachers who tend to be quiet and reserved.  They had a blast with this lesson.  It was definitely a home run..

Arresting black protesters

Staging Rosa Parks' bus protest

Protesting MLK at the march on Washington

This week, the evidence of our work here became clear as the teachers were to demonstrate a lesson using the techniques they learned from our time together.  Some of the lessons they taught were incredible.  It was great feedback that showed our time teaching here.  It was like watching a different version of myself up front teaching.

Their eagerness to learn to become quality teachers is inspiring.  I even had an assistant approach me about how teachers in the US make all of their worksheets and presentations so nice looking.  Naturally this evolved into a working lunch where I taught her about Teachers Pay Teachers and showed her the basics of designing materials in Powerpoint - or ppt as they call it.  It was impressive to have such creative passion from a Chinese teacher.  I told her she needs to send me the materials she will make.

As far as cultural experiences, China never falls short.  The other night we visited the residence of a doctor and professor with a strong interest in tea culture.  He hosted us with a presentation about tea and a spectacular tea ceremony.  We even had the chance to practice ourselves.  Tea art is a field of study in China and something college students become certified in.  My tea skills were rookie level, but it was still fun!

Oh and big things are in the works for SABEH.  If you have ever been curious or interested in teaching in China, next summer could be the year you've been waiting for!  Stay tuned for more details throughout the rest of 2017.

For now I must sign off and prepare to go watch the final set of reader's theater plays from my final class.  If made possible by the wifi,  I will attempt to post a video here in the future!  Until next time....

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