Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hong Kong: World Class City

Three days in Hong Kong and I am amazed at how unique this eastern world city seems to be.  I have made so many connections to my time studying abroad in London, which makes sense since the city was on loan to the UK for 99 years.  In 1997, the loan ended and the territory was handed back to China, who continues to influence the culture here more and more.  One China - two systems is the phrase here to describe how the governments interact.  Essentially, the Chinese communist party has tolerated the democracy of Hong Kong out of fear of rebellion, but they are most certainly still working toward One China.

Victoria's Peak

We've spent the past few days really exploring the different parts of the city.  It's a stunningly beautiful city spread across over 200 islands.  The bulk of the city is located on Hong Kong island, with many neighborhoods peppered across the other islands.  The progressiveness of the city is really energizing as well.  40% of the land is to be preserved and will never be built on.  Also, we were shown an island which has a restriction for its residents - in order to drive on the island, you must drive a fully electric car.  Amazing, right?  It is also probably the reason I see Teslas absolutely everywhere around the city.

Some of the sites we have seen have been beyond belief.  My favorite so far was an absolutely massive sitting buddha statue.  In fact, it is the second largest in the world.  Beat out only slightly by a statue in Taiwan.  The entire experience is memorable.  From the cable car ride up to the walk up all 238 septs to the large statue.  The pictures do the experiencer no justice, but have a look.

Temple of 10,000 Buddhas

We also went to this spectacular little Japanese inspired garden after the typhoon, which, by the way, never really amounted to anything.  The garden was a spectacular little oasis amongst the bustle of a large city.

Looking forward to my last two days in Hong Kong before going to my next stop: Hanoi, Vietnam!

I think this sticker I found at the base of a Buddha statue sums up life in Hong Kong


  1. These photographs are stunning!

    1. There are amazing landscapes in Hong Kong! Of course the powerful iPhone 7+ camera helped a little too haha