Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Greetings from Fuzhou in southern China.

Wow.  The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind.  After my plane debacle in Beijing, I finally arrived to my destination of Fuzhou a mere 78 hours after leaving my house.

Arriving to my destination was all I wanted by the end of those 78 hours and what a surprise I was welcomed with.  As I opened the door to the room I will be staying in, my breath was taken away by the stunning view out the wall of windows next to my bed.  Every time I see the view, I forget it's real and not a painting!

As soon as I arrived in the city, I needed to hit the ground running due to my flight delay.  Having my flexibility muscle strengthened by the airline mishaps prepared me for the flexibility that was needed upon my arrival.  I had only 30 minutes of access to my classroom for set up and to make copies before the first group of students arrived.  Through the work of a possible miracle, though, everything was set up and ready for when the first group of students arrived.  This year, my teaching experience is slightly different.  the SABEH program at this site is run through a university who recruits teachers from all over the Fujian province to come and be a part of the SABEH experience.  Rather than teaching different content, every educator we are working with is an elementary school English teacher.  They teach english as a second language to 3rd -6th graders.

So far the lessons have been a blast.  They've learned to save Fred, teach vocabulary within context, and even how the classic shaving cream spelling activity.  The appreciativeness and curiosity of the teachers is remarkable.  They want so badly to soak up all the  information they can to take back to their own classrooms in the fall.

For now, I need to sign off and get back to school to teach my final class of the day.  We sure are kept busy here!  Stay tuned for another blog to be released shortly with some pics of the sights and sounds of Fuzhou.  Until then......zaijian(goodbye)!

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