Saturday, July 8, 2017

Flexibility and Unclear Information: the Main Ideas of China

First, I have to start this post by saying how amazing Google’s Project fi is for traveling!  Not only do I get super cheap calls and texts, but I get unlimited LTE data at $10/Gb, same prices as in the US!  Thanks to that, I am happily typing this post on a bus on the way to a hotel in Beijing, note - this is not part of my intierary, to be explained momentarily. Anyway, get Project fi when you travel!

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Now, on to the more important stuff like why I am not in Fuzhou yet!  As the title of this post suggests, my flexibility muscles have been greatly stretched over the past two days, starting back in the US. Upon arrival to the airport in Newark, I learned that my flight to Beijing was postponed five hours due to weather, which was fine. They then set me up on a new connecting flight to Fuzhou since I would be missing my original. Things took an exciting turn, then, when I landed in Beijing and learned that the next available flight to Fuzhou would not be for about 48 hours. The connection they had rebooked was still missed due to the delay.  My flexibility muscle was rock solid at this point and I did what needed to be done to ensure my timely arrival in Fuzhou. Which leads to the second part of the title for this post.

Unclear information.

 I have blogged several times about how situations tend to be unclear in China. Well, it is no different when dealing with a Chinese airline. Trying to get information was so.....endearingly Chinese. After wandering the airport and standing in line for 3 hours, and by line of course I mean mob of pushing and yelling people, I finally made it to the ticketing window to find out no flights were available and a hotel would be provided and was then directed to the managers “line” for hotel information. Needless to say five hours after my arrival in China, I am finally leaving the airport for a hotel.

To be honest, this messiness and incompetence is part of the reason I love China. Crazy, right?  During the school year I teach my students about the importantace of trying new things in order to connect neurons in new ways within your brain, making you forever stronger. These experiences of survival in China continaullay help me to grow as an individual, and connect more survival neurons! Spending time here has allowed me to go with the flow no matter the situation and not get angry or upset at things beyond my control. A delayed flight, so what - it will give me time to eat before departure. A missed connection flight? Oh well, now I get to spend a couple nights in Beijing. There is always a positive to be found in every situation. This being my third summer in China, I realize the importance of this understanding.  For now, I'm going to relax and enjoy my alone time before the teaching madness begins on Monday!

P.S. Since I have ample time on my hands right now, I decided to make the helpful graphic below to prove my thoughts on China 😄


  1. Ha! Love it. Hang in there and be safe. Hopefully you'll be in the right place very soon. Thanks for checking in. We were thinking of you.

  2. Wow, that is a test I would not survive. My flexibility muscles still need work. Hopefully you and the Chinese airlines have matched schedules and you are now comfortably settled into your new home. Be safe.