Friday, July 21, 2017

Final Night in China

I am sitting here in my room baffled at how fast the past two weeks flew by. Fuzhou has been an incredible city with truly unique people. Through our students and assistants, I really had the opportunity to meet some beautiful people. Like the lacquer artist whose work drew me in and totally changed my views on Chinese lacquer art - which I previously did not care for, but I just had no idea what contemporary artists are doing with the medium.

Or the wonderful calligrapher who took us in and showed us how he has perfected his art over twenty five years. The self taught artist was extremely knowledgeable and gave us some pointers on how to make calligraphy.

Or the charming Yumi who toured us around so graciously in her free time because she is so dedicated to the SABEH program. She ev n took us to ja r favorite dessert place which was mind blowingly delicious while still being healthy!!

Tomorrow at 8:00am we depart Fuzhou for our next destination: Hong Kong. As part of SABEH’s contract we are given a week long tour around the country. This year we will be going to Hong Kong. I am sad to leave traditional provincial city life in Fouzhou so soon, but the allure of Hong Kong’s busy streets and bright lights would attract anyone like a moth to a light.

For now, I am signing off from mainland China for my final time this year. The next blog post I make will be done so without the great firewall complicating things!  Also, still stay tuned for mor teaching blogs. Things have been busy, and time limited. I will be sharing my experiences as soon as possible 😁
Ready to say: See you later China!

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