Friday, February 17, 2017

Let the Planning Begin

Welcome back! Even though it is not quite the summer yet, I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will be spending another summer in China! This past week I accepted a position teaching with SABEH in Fuzhou, China. If you've read my previous blogs, you will know that this is not the city I have worked in for the past two summers. Unfortunately the Greentown school in Hangzhou is on hiatus with their summer programs as they focus their resources on opening a new campus this summer. Greentown has already mentioned, though, that they would like us back for the summer of 2018. For now, though, I could not be more thrilled about getting to learn a new city and meet new educators. Fuzhou is the capital of the Fujian province, which is famous for many things, including tea. This provincial city will give me a fantastic experience of 'real' China.

 As spectacular as Hangzhou is, it is very much a modern city with many modern amenities. From what I have been told, Fuzhou is much different than Hangzhou. I am really looking forward to spending some time in provincial China! While changes are naturally plausible, the current timeline has me teaching for two weeks beginning on July 6, followed by a week of travel around China. It is also in my plans to continue my travels after my SABEH experience. I am planning on visiting Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand during the two and a half weeks after SABEH. I am both excited and anxious about exploring the beauty of Southeast Asia.

I will be posting periodically throughout the rest of the school year as I prepare for yet another journey to the amazing land of Asia.  Stay tuned!


  1. When you're in Fuzhou take time to wander through all the pathways inside Weatlake Park. Visit during peak hours (5:30am-7:00am) and see the locals by the hundreds doing morning two chi and "slapping" wake up exercises and (6pm-8pm) to see the locals by the thousands doing community dances, revolutionary pride songs, orchestra performances, martial arts, etc. WestLake Park comes to life each evening and is an experience in itself. Visit Yonghui Supermarket (2-story red and yellow variety store and super market) near Hubin road for great buys for lots of stuff, both American/western items and Chinese items at much cheaper prices than Walmart. Use the overpass crosswalks at all times on Hubin Road no matter how "unbusy" traffic may appear to be! Keep in mind Fuzhou is a "small" city, but it is still a city of 7 million! The driving is MUCH less civilized than what you're accustomed in Hangzhou! It's going to be an eye opener! I'm blessed to have spent 2 summers there. You will enjoy it!

  2. *Tai Chi (Please pardon some "corrections" due to auto correct.)