Friday, July 29, 2016

Thank You and See You Later

Well, this is it.  My final night in China for 2016.  We arrived in Shanghai early this afternoon, which didn't leave much time to explore.  I maximized every second, though.  I spent a good hour just standing overlooking The Bund and reflecting on what the past five weeks have been for me.

It's hard for me to put into words my feelings as I leave China for the second year in a row.  I have seen more in these weeks than some people see in their entire lives.  How can I not be humbled by my experiences.  From robot battles and chanting monks in Japan to camel riding in the Gobi Desert and the Mogao Caves in China this has been yet another summer to remember.  Not to mention my time with the teachers and students.  

Asia is a world of its own.  A world with amazingly wonderful people and history that continues to shock and impress.  I can't express enough how wonderful it is being on this side of the planet.  l am already planning a return to China, and hopefully a select few other Southeast Asian countries, for the summer of 2017.  There is something about China and the wonderful people here that just keeps me wanting more.

And SABEH (  This organization has truly inspired me to follow my dreams of improving education abroad.  They have shown me that a small group really can make a big impact.  Without them I would not be chasing the crazy dreams I have for the future.  The teachers within SABEH are some of the best, most creative educators I have ever come across.  I have learned so much from them this summer and feel rejuvenated about the education profession.  These people are becoming a second family.

Thanks for reading this summer and be sure to continue following my blog.  Even though I will be on my way back to the States tomorrow, my travel impact doesn't end.  Look forward to reading about practical ways of incorporating multicultural and international education into a classroom.  Globalization is our future and our students need to learn to not only be tolerant, but to appreciate cultures from all corners of our planet.

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