Monday, July 11, 2016

From the Hoky Poky to Flo Rida

Well it's 9:00pm and I'm really just sitting down to relax for the first time today.  Our time working with the students has begun and they certainly kept us busy today.  We finished off the night with an especially awkward Chinese version of an American dance party.  

Some of the students, almost all boys, really stood out as naturals, though.  Those kids were able to naturally flow with the music.  The rest just stood awkwardly like a circle of statues around those who were getting into it.  These are the parts of teaching in China that really get to me.  Tonight, we were most likely the first people to ever tell these 15 year olds to let loose and express themselves, hence the awkwardness.

I have many moments when I am in this country where I momentarily remove myself from the present and reflect on how fortunate I am to have the experiences I do.  Tonight was one of those moments.  Most of these students will be attending school in the West, many in the United States.  Our team shared with these students something that will resonate with them for years to come.  Not only that, it will help make their social transition to the youth culture of the West all that much easier.  They are truly ready for their first American dance party!!

Click to play!

Side note: the above link takes you to a fourteen second video clip of the dance night.  With the internet here, it was ridiculously hard to find a way to get that video on my blog.  If it is still processing, check back later.  This was the only possible way, so please watch!

Finally, my time here is absolutely flying by.  my blog has take a back seat to some of my experiences and I have fallen a bit behind.  Stay tuned for a new post discussing my week with the teachers very soon.  I have not forgotten!

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