Monday, June 13, 2016

New Life Experiences

Next time I travel across the world I am taking a TARDIS!  After a 28 hour door to door journey I am settled into a surprisingly spacious apartment in Greentown, Hangzhou!  My first impression of China has been very much positive.  The people are amazingly friendly and want to do everything possible to please you, something that has had positive and negative effects. As I was planning with my assistants today, it was difficult trying to pinpoint exactly what the teachers hope to gain from their experience with me this summer.  Everything that was suggested was received as though it was the greatest idea they had ever heard!  I figure with an attitude like that, though, nothing they experience could be disappointing.  Needless to say, I came back to the apartment to make some some changes to my lesson plans that seemed to fit what the Chinese teachers are hoping to learn.

The personal aspect of this trip, for me, is about having new life experiences.  Today was truly the start of that.  The school we are with graciously took everyone involved with the program out for a remarkable shared dining experience filled with every piece of authentic Chinese food you could imagine.  It was unreal to see the number of plates the servers continued to bring as our tastebuds explored new regions.  My proudest moment was trying a large piece of jellyfish!  The flavor was fantastic with ginger and other spices.  The texture, however, was very unique.  I would almost describe it as a crunchy cucumber.  It was interesting to see how very little of the authentic Chinese food resembled anything I have ever eaten.  There was only one food that was cooked and served just as it is in America….scallion pancakes!  Overall it was a great day full of unique experiences.  This weekend we have a few experiences planned around Hangzhou, so be sure to check back!

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China Fun Fact:
Fireworks are not legal everywhere in the country!
Also, this happened:

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