Monday, June 13, 2016

Life At A Private School In China

Well I have to be honest and say that the school I am working at is truly not at all what a typical Chinese school would look like.  I have been absolutely shocked about the progressive philosophy of this school.  It is truly not what I was expecting from a school in China.  I suppose, though, that is why they are reaching out to learn new teaching styles from Westerners.  The layout of Greentown Yuan School is quite similar to the layout of private schools back in the States.  The campus is made up of several different buildings laid out in a format similar to that of a college campus.  Besides having a different layout from traditional Chinese schools, it also is just absolutely beautiful.  The buildings and landscaping are very modern and backed with a large private fund.  Our Chinese teacher hosts describe it as the most beautiful school in China.  I thought the best way to describe the school would be to take you on a visual tour.  Ignore the rainy gloom…It has been raining non stop for the past three days and will not be stopping any time soon..

Our green filled apartment building.  Apt. 502 – No elevator.
This is the building with my classroom.  During the year, it’s a high school classroom building.
They really take pride in the natural beauty of their campus.  The buildings have very little distinction between indoors and outdoors.  The palm trees are in the lobby of the building with my classroom.
Below you can see that once you enter the building and leave the lobby, you are once again outdoors.  The classrooms all exit to a beautiful courtyard.  Many of the student lockers are outdoors as well!
IMG_4758 (3)
This building is our dining hall.  Again, very open to nature as there are always open windows and doors to the outside.
The rest of the photos are simply random areas of the campus.  Enjoy!
 IMG_4745  IMG_4749
IMG_4748  IMG_4761IMG_4756 IMG_4757
My favorite:  Chinese Post Office
Tomorrow I will be posting a little about my first experiences working with the Chinese teachers.  Stay tuned..

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