Friday, March 6, 2015

你好中国 (Hello China!)

This week has been quite memorable.  With three snow days and a two hour delay, unfortunately classroom instruction was not in the spotlight.  In my time off, however, I was able to work on TPT items and spend some time with the pup, who could not have been happier about my extra time home.

What really made this week memorable, though, was an announcement I received yesterday.  After an interview on Wednesday, I was offered a teaching position in China for four weeks during the  summer of 2015!  This has been a goal of mine for several years and I could not be more excited about the professional and personal challenges that lie ahead.  The program is based on working to improve educational philosophies in China by spending time with Chinese teachers to show them skills their students will need to know in a 21st century world.  This incredible cultural opportunity is being sponsored by an organization out of Massachusetts called SABEH, or the Sino-American Bridge for Education and Health.  They have been working with teachers in China for several years and are slowly, but surely doing their part to modernize education abroad.

I was honored to find out I will be living in Hangzhou for a total of three weeks.  My first week will be spent leading professional development for primary teachers in the areas of math and science.  I was thrilled to find this out because math instruction has become a passion of mine over the past two years as we have implemented a new math curriculum in my school district.  The following two weeks of this adventure will entail teaching actual students as a way to model 21st century teaching for the Chinese educators.  The final week of my journey will be spent traveling to several cities in China to take in some of the many sites the country has to offer.

I could barely contain my excitement about the news of this opportunity.  I know this is going to be a summer to remember!

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